graphic  adj. “... of or relating to visual art, esp. involving drawing, engraving, or lettering.”


There is great joy for me in the momentum of this work, and it is currently picking up speed. Though not born Jewish, I study and cherish the Hebraic roots of Christianity, love the Torah AND the most famous Jew of all times - Yeshua - Jesus!  It has been my privilege to design new graphic elements for several Messianic based websites, in addition to working on my own designs (some of which are being printed in card format). 

Bible Mathematics

For years I have researched the many layered numerical/geometrical themes present in the Scriptures. These mathematics are embedded in the fine details of story line, population counts, proportions, age lineage records, time references and such.  I continue to create geometry charts, wheels, and diagrams that attempt to illustrate the complexity of the ancient records we are privileged to have. These I hope to someday publish, with the goal of Glorifying our Father’s Name & His Creative Handiwork pertaining to the sciences (biology, geodetics, astrophysics), time keeping cycles, and math functions. There is SO much more to it all than the simple reduction themes such as... “7 symbolizes completion”.  There rests, in potent elegance within the Scriptures, a world of under-tapped mathematics, with applications that are hopefully meant to be put to good use!

The design to the right, illustrates the 4 Hebrew letters that comprise the personal Name of YHVH -"Yahveh" or "Yahweh", The LORD of Israel. His Name is praised and appears over 6,800 times throughout the Scriptures that we refer to as the "Old Testament" (the Jewish "Tanak" ~ Torah, Prophets, & Writings).  In most English Bibles ~ "The Lord" ~ is the familiar and accepted transliteration. Though a term of honor and a familiar declaration of authority, it obscures His Personal and Eternal Name. A printable, full page, hi res, version of this artwork, portraying

The Name of The Lord - YHVH, can be copied & printed from my other website listed below.

The YHVH print is lovingly offered to be copied & printed to Glorify His Name! It may not be used in any manner for resale.  Also, please be aware that The Name of The Father is Sacred, and it should not be printed and discarded.  Please link to my site if you use the image, so that the educational materials can go forward.  Let any who choose to use it with selfish intention or ill will, know they will have to give account to Yahveh.  Be blessed to be respectful & honoring. Be blessed to remember and call upon His Name!!!

Sacred Hand Publishing is the web site of Karen Jacks

~ Designer, Illustrator, & Writer.

Presenting materials which explore the visual and

mathematical beauty of the Sacred Geometry

found in the Old Testament.

"Let them praise the Name of YHVH, for His Name alone is exalted; His majesty is above earth and heaven."  Psalms 145:13

Hebraic & Christian Art

Though I would have to say that Illustration is my first love (in art), Graphic Design is it’s natural cousin and it is often hard to tell the difference between the two.  Sometimes even my logos are illustrations!  I tend to approach everything like there is a story to be told in color, pattern, and mood, and I am not naturally given to boxy, abstractions of graphic patterns & shapes.  It is far sweeter for me to think about how the design elements can be combined to express a very warm, inviting visual narrative.  No one would accuse me of being too high-tech hip in my work.  Just trying to keep it real and discover the sentiment and appeal that my clients are hoping to evoke.

Materials for God’s Learning Channel - Sukkoth 2011 in Jerusalem!

I had the remarkable blessing of traveling to Israel this year for Sukkoth (Feast of Tabernacles).  We had a booth at the annual conference held at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ).  We represented both GLC and the Aramaic English New Testament. 

Please check out GLC by clicking on the pics.  It is an excellent resource for Hebraic Roots teachings, broadcast on the Internet. 

Banner  (2.5 ft x 6.5 ft)

T-shirt designs:

“Israel... the other Lone Star state”

“Shema Israel...

there is no peace without Torah”

Shroud Encounter

Russ Breault

Presentation materials for the Shroud of Turin Education Project!

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